What impact do mayors have on their cities?

Mayor is considered as the leader of a city he does not only fulfill the requirements of citizens but also educate the citizens about their rights and duties he is the representation of city bureaucracy he performs the major duties that are functional for the citizens he understands the people’ demands and requirements and passes policies according to them

Role of a mayor in the city

A mayor performs the following roles in a city and runs the system smoothly

Plans the budget for the city

Budgeting is the major requirement of the city a good budget proves beneficial especially for the lower class of the city a mayor designs the budget within the amount allotted to the city
Basic needs of citizens

He cares about the basic needs of citizens and with the help of administrators and the city officials he plans the best budget for the city

Along with budgeting, he ensures that the city is using the resources properly he also takes action if he notices any mismanagement in the city

Budget for Emergency crisis

As a leader of the city, he thinks wisely and prepares a budget which proves useful in any emergency crisis he does not allow anyone to waste the resources

Prepares plans for emergency crisis

Mayor does not only plan a perfect budget for the city but he has the plans for an emergency situation like extreme weather conditions, earthquake, bomb blast, etc.

Civil defense team

He instructs the civil defense team to protect the citizens from disasters and issue the emergency plans, Notification plans and arranges transport for the citizens

The system becomes extremely difficult if he does not take the action immediately

Implement the laws

When the government passes laws they are non-functional until they are implemented correctly so the mayor has a responsibility to enforce the laws in cities and he makes sure that everyone is obeying the law and people working under him have to inform him if they find anyone disobeying the law

The mayor performs this role beautifully and ensures that everyone gets benefit from the policies

Promote the culture of the city

Mayor is also responsible to take care of the culture and recreational activities he prepares special plans to promote the tourism and add the beauty in the city he makes sure that the city is clean and beautiful which has the great impact on tourists

Increase the aesthetic beauty of the city

The aesthetic beauty of the city also affects the economy which leads to more tourist activities in the city
Make a strong relationship with citizens

Mayor cannot make any decision to his own he always think twice before announcing the new laws he interacts with the citizens, administrators, staff in order to make sure that every class of the society is equally benefited with the new laws

Makes a positive relationship

He listens to the citizens and notices their recommendations that what laws will prove beneficial in the future which proves fruitful for them
If he does not make a positive relationship with others then the citizens will not cooperate with him and disobey the laws

Promote peace in the city

He promotes peace in the city and appoints the public safety sector to reduce the criminal activities in the city he checks the progress report of public safety sector as it is working properly or not No law can work properly without peace and safety of the citizens

Decrease in unemployment in the city

Unemployment is the basic issue of cities He decreases unemployment in the city by enrolling the educated people in different departments including budgeting, financing, administration, etc.

Give the job opportunities

He checks the growth rate of unemployment and suggests different methods to decrease this issue in the city These are the responsibilities of a mayor which surely gives you an idea about what impact do mayors have on their cities check this video in order to educate yourself more